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What we'll cover LIVE

Effortlessly migrate your lessons

Import the content your students love

We will teach you:

Goal setting & audience discovery

Building out a pre-launch landing page

Setting up your Thinkific course site

Generating interest in your course as you build it

Launch strategies

Week 2

Course creation

We will teach you:

Planning the course curriculum

How to turn your curriculum into an online course

Strategies to ensure student success

Pacing your online course

Week 3

We will teach you:

Pricing your online course

How to run a promotion

How to launch a course to different audiences

How to gain insights from your launch outcomes

On this webinar, you'll learn...

How engaging your website visitors in a chat translates into more sales

How Thinkific and LiveChat work together

How to grow your business with 
Online Education and LiveChat

You'll learn... 

How to grow your business with Online Education and LiveChat

Your Hosts:

Paddy McGill

Why you should use online education to grow your business


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